Mathilda Miller Cuneo


Mathilda Miller Cuneo graduated from NYU Law School in 1926 and was admitted in 1928. She was the first woman member of the Bronx County Bar Association in 1945 and a Trustee and benefactor of the Bronx-Riverdale YM-YWHA. Ms. Cuneo chaired the Matrimonial Law Committee, and in 1966 undertook a special but unfulfilled project to enact legislation allowing for divorce if a spouse had an illegitimate child after living apart from his/her spouse five or more years. The New York Times noted that this “‘very important ground for divorce’ would remove the stigma of illegitimacy from thousands of children, many of whom are not aware that their parents are not married.” In later years, she also practiced real estate law. In 1991, she was honored by NYU Law School when it celebrated the 100th anniversary of its admission of women. She passed away in 1997.