Period Poverty Donation Drive

Several years ago, the NYWBA made a commitment to address the issue of lack of access to sanitary products needed during menstruation. Rationing of tampons, pads, or other menstrual products can cause humiliation, trauma, interruptions to school and work, and potentially life-threatening conditions such as toxic shock syndrome. We recognized that lack of access to these items was a serious threat to human rights and dignity and an impediment to gender equality.  Under the leadership of Past President Virginia A. LoPreto, we drafted policy statements on lack of access to tampons, pads or other menstrual products for those who are incarcerated or held in immigration detention centers. Then, we took it a step further by helping provide hygiene products to those in need here in New York City.

Survivors of domestic abuse and human trafficking fleeing from a life of violence are often at a high risk for experiencing poverty. Homeless women and girls must often sacrifice buying hygiene products to buy food for themselves and their children.

In keeping with our theme this year that to achieve gender equality, we must all rise together, it is important to lift up those who are most in need. This year, the NYWBA will collect donations for the purchase of menstrual products and drug store gift cards for two local organizations.

The Manhattan Family Justice Center (MFJC) is this year’s recipient of our period poverty efforts.  This wonderful organization provides free services and confidential assistance by phone and in person to those persons who are experiencing domestic or gender based violence.  The MFJC connects survivors of domestic and gender-based violence and their children to organizations that provide case management, economic empowerment, counseling, civil legal, and criminal legal assistance.

We want to support the efforts of the MFJC by providing sanitary products and drug store gift cards to their clients.  We are asking our members to donate and to act with generosity in giving to this worthy cause.

As we climb the ladder of professional success, it is important to lend a hand to boost others up as well.  By supplying sanitary products and gift cards, we can help remove a significant barrier to employment and education as well as promote health and human dignity.