Committees and Co-Chairs

NYWBA’s committees are a key component in our success. Our Judiciary Committee actively reviews the qualifications of judicial candidates. Through our affiliation with the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York (WBASNY), NYWBA also comments on proposed legislation and policy at state, federal, and international levels. Our substantive law committees and practice area committees also provide a forum for members to network and resolve real legal issues, and our Technology and the Internet for Lawyers Committee offers insights to attorneys on things technological that affect the practice of law.

If you are a member and would like to join a committee, click here to access our online form to submit your committee choices. If you have any questions about our Committees, contact the Committee Chair(s) or the NYWBA’s Executive Director ( or 212-490-8202).

NYWBA Standing Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs
By-Laws & Amendments
  • Elizabeth A. Bryson
  • Amy B. Goldsmith
Cooperation with Other Bar Associations
  • Hon. Kelly O’Neill Levy
  • Yacine Barry-Wun
Employment and Equal Opportunity for Women
  • TBD
Judiciary (Screening of Candidates for Judicial Office)
  • Magnolia D. Levy
  • Jennifer P. Brown
  • Alexis L. Cirel
  • Peggy Brady
  • Alexis L. Cirel
  • Jacqueline I. Meyer
  • Meaghan E. Carey
Professional Ethics and Discipline
  • Nicole I. Hyland
Programs, Events and Arrangements
  • Diana G. Browne
  • Kay Marmorek
  • Magnolia D. Levy (Membership Judiciary & Dinner Receptions)
  • Jo Ann Douglas (Annual Dinner)
  • Julie Hyman
NYWBA Special Committee Chairs


Advance the Status of Women in the Profession
  • Seng Yan Sin
  • Kelechi Acholonu
  • Michelle Fox
Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Leona Beane
  • Lisa Courtney
  • Michele Kern-Rappy
Archives and History
  • Elizabeth A. Bryson
  • Melissa Glassman
  • Myra L. Freed
  • Sabrina Morrissey
  • Judith Rifkin
  • Olivia Sohmer
 Children’s Rights and Issues
  • Jo Ann Douglas
  • Danielle M. Rodriguez
  • Tara Diamond
Civil Courts
  • Melissa G. Ephron-Mandel
  • Judith Rifkin
  • John Wang
Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
  • Amy B. Goldsmith
  • Tara Diamond
  • Elizabeth J. Shampnoi
Criminal Law
  • Catherine Christian
  • Olivia Sohmer
  • Jessica Horani
  • Kristen Ramos
  • Yasmin Dwedar
  • Ernestine Mings
Domestic Violence
  • Amanda B. Norejko
  • Laura A. Russell
  • Shani Adess
Elder Law and Disabilities
  • Lissette Ferreira
  • Kim F. Trigoboff
  • Sabrina E. Morrissey
Federal Practice (including Business Law, Securities & Investment Law, Intellectual Property, Tax & Bankruptcy)
  • Vivian Drohan
  • Elyssa Kates
  • Michael Schreiber
  • Marcella Marucci
International Women’s Rights
  • Nicole Trivlis
  • Irina Zamyatin
  • Michael Schreiber
  • Zachary A. Feldman
  • Sara J. Crasson
  • Nidhi Shetye
  • Angelica Kontoroff
Long Range Planning/Finance
  • Elizabeth A. Bryson
  • Myra L. Freed
Matrimonial and Family Law
  • Nina Gross
  • Matthew Goodwin
  • Olivia Lee
  • Dana Heitz
  • Gabriella Formosa
  • Jennifer Branca
  • Katelyn M. Brack
Reproductive Rights & Women’s Health
  • Meaghan Carey
  • Alexandra King
  • Lydia Devine
Solo and Small Firm Practice
  • Gail I. Bader
  • Jocelyn L. Jacobson
Summer Program
  • Hon. Lisa A. Sokoloff
  • Victoria A. Turchetti
Technology and the Internet/Website
  • Elizabeth A. Bryson
  • Yacine Barry-Wun
Trusts and Estates
  • Leona Beane
  • Tzipora Zelmanowitz
  • Loretta A. Ippolito
Working Parents
  • Gretchen Beall Schumann
  • Elysa Greenblatt