Fannie J. Klein


Fannie J. Klein was admitted to the bar in 1928. In addition to lecturing and authoring several legal works, she received numerous awards. An expert on court reform, Ms. Klein was most thrilled when she was named the first woman Professor of the NYU Law School in 1958. She was also the librarian, assistant director, and associate director of NYU School of Law’s Institute of Judicial Administration, which was established in 1952 to promote greater efficiency in court administration throughout the nation. Ms. Klein was a member of the Judicial Selection Committee for the Supreme Court in New York City in 1968. After 1975, she practiced law in Surrogate’s Court and Supreme Court, where she often served as a guardian, conservator and referee. In 1983, she was a recipient of the American Jurdicature Society’s Herbert Harley Award for her “efforts to promote the effective administration of justice.” She passed away in 1984.