Christina Kallas


Christina Kallas has served as a NYWBA Board Member, Executive Director, Committee Co-Chair (ADR, Technology, International Women’s Rights) and on the Board of the NYWBA Foundation. An A/V rated attorney, her law practice emphasizes “preventive law” – assisting individuals and businesses with planning for legal matters affecting the family and its businesses (such as marriage and remarriage, estate planning, and real estate). She has been an advocate for the mentally ill for many years. In her mediation practice, she focuses on disputes involving families with a mentally ill member. As an arbitrator, frequently in securities disputes, she draws on her experience in the secondary mortgage market on Wall Street. She is also on the panel to arbitrate attorney client fee disputes.  A frequent lecturer on practice management strategies, she is also the author of the NYSBA Deskbook on “Commercial Real Estate.” She counts as her most important accomplishments her marriage of more than 30 years to her husband, Xen, and having helped to raise her stepdaughter, Sara.