The Traumatic Impact of the Dissolution of the Family


Starts in 2 Months, 21 Days

October 22, 2021 8:45 am - 6:10 pm

The Traumatic Impact of the Dissolution of the Family:  An Interdisciplinary Approach

The mission of this conference is to empower judges, lawyers, and mental health professionals with the knowledge and skills to mitigate against the traumatic effects of family dissolution.

Conference learning objectives:

  • Explain the complexities of psychological trauma in the dissolution of families, and how to identify its symptoms.
  • Demonstrate how psychological trauma can be identified in families, well before family dissolution (intergenerational transmission of trauma, cumulative trauma within a particular family member, and past and present trauma within the family).
  • Examine how racism, sexism and other forms of bias contribute to psychological stress and trauma in family members before and during family dissolution.
  • Identify how the legal system and the court process unwittingly can create and/or exacerbate psychological trauma in family dissolution.
  • Explore alternatives offered by mental health and legal professionals to help mitigate the traumatic effects that can occur in family dissolution. What Can We Do?

 Conference Panels:

Panel A. Trauma and PTSD:  Conceptual Overview of the Neurobiological, Cognitive, and Emotional Consequences

Panel B.  Added Stressors to Family Dissolution: The Cultural Context of the Family, Systemic Racism, and Sexism including LBGTQ Biases

Panel C. Under-Recognized High-Risk Factors that Impact Family Dissolution

Panel D. Mitigating the Stress of Family Dissolution: What Can We Do?

CE credits for mental health professionals and CLE credits for attorneys are pending.

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